Monday, June 20, 2016

My favourite house cow blogs

I don't know many people in real life who have house cows.  A few acquaintances, but no good friends with whom I can talk regularly about cows.  Like many of my interests, I turn to blogs to find like-minded people who are happy to talk non-stop about cows, manure, hay, minerals, pasture, milking schedule and bottle-feeding calves!  As well as enjoying the topic of conversation, I also learn so much from these blogs, even though they are in different locations.  It seems like you can always learn more about house cows (aka family cows, dairy cows or milk cows).  I want to share my favourite house cow blogs with you today and I hope you can tell me about other sources of house cow information.

Jembella Farm
Sally writes from 16 A in South Australia's Barossa Valley, where she has " 2 dogs, 7 cows, 2 alpacas, 5 geese, 35 chickens, 78 sheep and a few bee hives".  Among the cows are three special house cows, Daisy, Bella and Lavender.  Sally raises foster calves with her house cows and her blog contains plenty of advice about house cows and calves - here's one of my favourites.

eight acres: favourite house cow blogs
Source: Jembella Farm

Throwback at Trapper Creek
Matronofhusbandry writes from her 180 A farm and homestead in Oregon, USA.  Sharing gems of wisdom about growing and eating real food, including an extensive vegetable garden, beef cattle, chickens and of course, her gorgeous cow. Jane.  Although the climate there is very different, observations about grass growth, paddock divisions, milking schedules are all relevant and useful.  I have learnt to much from this blog, and the photos are amazing. Here's all the cow posts, and a couple of my favourites:

Share Milking

Is my cow getting enough to eat?

eight acres: favourite house cow blogs
Source: Throwback at Trapper Creek

The Prairie Homestead
Based in Wyoming, Jill has shared her homesteading journey on her blog.  She has goats, chickens, and a lovely family cow called Oakley.  You will find plenty of basic information about house cows, most of it is summarised in this post - Owning a family cow: your questions answered

eight acres: favourite house cow blogs
Source: The Prairie Homestead

Homestead Honey
Teri homesteads in Missouri on 10 A.  She blogs about topics such as gardening, building a tiny house, living off-grid and homeschooling.  Most importantly, she also has a sweet cow called Creme Brulee, and many posts about family cow ownership.

eight acres: favourite house cow blogs
Source: Homestead Honey

The Elliot Homestead
Shaye lives on a few acres in North Central Washington, a giant flock of laying hens, meat chickens, hogs, sheep, turkeys, and a variety of produce in large, organic gardens.  She has recently welcomed a new dairy cow, Cecelia, after tragically losing a previous cow.  Lots of great info about cows as well as dairy products.

eight acres: favourite house cow blogs
Source: The Elliot Homestead

One Ash Homestead
Lee Ann and Alexandrea write a blog about their farm and dairy supply business i South Carolina.  Of course their blog is full of information about dairy cows and dairy products, their full story is in this post.

Which blogs featuring house cows do you love?


  1. Thank you for these! I have two Irish Dexter cows (who will calve any day now) and I also don't know anyone who has a house cow. These will be their second calves. The first time around I didn't handle milking very well! I figure I'll get a new try at it every year. I know of the Prairie Homestead and Elliot Homestead, but the others are new to me. Here are a couple I have been following.

    Hope Refuge Farm. They don't post a lot but what they do is pure gold.

    My Cultured Palate. She's been House-Cowing for years and has many recipes. She talks about home made ice cream for dinner.

    And if you've never looked, this forum is amazing.

    I love learning about all of this!

    Take care,


  2. Oh yes the keeping a family cow forum is better than any blog. A real treadure trove of information on all things farming, homesteading all started from the cow!!
    They have a whole thread of where people introduce themselves and share their blogs, instagrams and facebook pages. Goes back many, many years.


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